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One of the reasons for having to have a chimney liner installation on a masonry chimney on Long Island is that it wasn’t built correctly in the first place—that is, without a flue liner, a material that provides a smooth, relatively seamless surface as well as insulation.
Other common reasons for a chimney liner installation is the chimney is changing weather conditions, long term usage, and neglect of maintenance of your chimney. When a chimney flue has been damaged beyond a simple repair, a chimney liner installation may be your best option.
Finding the right chimney company to install a liner in your home on Long Island can be overwhelming. There are also some things you should know before hiring a chimney company. Tony’s Tool Time can help resolve some of these issues by referring you to some of the top chimney contractors in your area. We take the guesswork out of choosing the right chimney liner installer. Let us help you “Find A Local Contractor You Can Trust!”

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